North Shore Taekwondo is owned and operated by Master Chris Correia, a Kukkiwon certified Fifth Degree Black Belt Master Instructor. We are part of a family of schools within the system of training developed by 10th Dan Great Grand Master Moo Yong Yun.

Our mission is to help our students develop themselves as fully as possible so as to achieve health, happiness and success in all aspects of their lives.

Our school has served the Duluth area since 1993 and was passed on to Master Chris Correia from it’s founder, Master Bruce Sodahl, 6th Dan.

We Offer

  • Dependable, knowledgeable, safe, and qualified Instruction
  • Training in self-defense, forms, sparring, and weapons
  • Fitness for body and mind
  • Self-discipline and self-confidence
  • Classes for children through adult
  • Promotion testing
  • Even a bit of fun!


Taekwondo is an art that virtually anyone can practice. Right now, students age six through sixty-seven find greater health, happiness, and fulfillment in practicing Taekwondo.

Our program is a balance of physical conditioning for family members of all ages and abilities along with a comprehensive curriculum of martial arts training. Students develop a well-rounded fitness and skills base that can serve them well in a variety of circumstances from street self-defense to sport competition.

Just as important as the fitness and skills training is how our program helps students develop mentally. Over time, students attain better focus, determination, confidence, and self-discipline.

Taekwondo training is ultimately centered on embodying the five tenets of Taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Self-Control, Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit. Those qualities, along with increased fitness and practical skills, help students not only achieve success and fulfillment in the Taekwondo gym, but in all areas of their lives.

The day a student first enters class they are on the path to becoming a black belt.  Regardless of age, ability, or level of experience, we work with students one class at a time to achieve that special and unique accomplishment.

Our Instructor Team

Master Chris Correia

Master Chris Correia is the owner and head instructor of North Shore Taekwondo. Master Chris is a Kukkiwon certified 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido, and a 2nd Dan in Kumdo.

Master Chris grew up in Fall River, Massachusetts and attended Providence College where he graduated with a degree in Psychology. After moving to St. Louis, MO, he attended Saint Louis University where he received a Master’s Degree in Social Work. He and his family moved to Duluth, MN in 1991. When not in the Taekwondo gym, he works as a partner with Alt-Lead, a leadership empowerment training company for professionals and teams.

Master Chris began his Taekwondo training under Master Bruce Sodahl in 1993 and began teaching Taekwondo in 1997 at an after school program in his children’s elementary school. Today, he operates and oversees the very same program in which he started his training nearly 24 years ago.

Master Chris’ own two children, Mr. Robb Correia, 3rd Dan, and Miss Tricia Correia, 2nd Dan, developed within the same program and worked within it to help many others learn and progress. The family that kicks together, sticks together!


Master Eric Hylden

Master Eric Hylden is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido, and a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Kumdo, the art of the sword. He has been an instructor at North Shore Taekwondo since 2000.

Master Eric grew up in Minneapolis, MN and came to Duluth to attend the University of Minnesota-Duluth. He graduated from UMD in 1984 with degrees in Teaching and Communications. He then attended the University of Minnesota School of Law, graduating Cum Laude in 1987. After working as an attorney in private practice for more than two decades, he now serves as a District Court Judge based in Duluth, MN.

His daughter Hannah, a 2nd degree black belt, also developed within the North Shore Taekwondo program.