“We have two boys who have been in Taekwondo for several years training with Master Chris. They just love and respect him so much. We appreciate all that he and his instructors have done for them, taking the time to get to know them and teach them the correct movements, pushing them just enough to try harder, but not so hard that they give up. I never have to drag them to class! They want to go, and they use the skills they have learned there in everyday life. I see them try and make good choices about how they are going to act, what they are going to eat, and how they treat others around them. They have become more confident individuals who understand they have the power to live by the tenets of Taekwondo. We would encourage everyone to give it a try!”

“Master Chris Correia excels at the delivery of his skills. Master Chris has been one of my Kumdo (Korean Sword Martial Art) Instructors since 2004. Master Chris was influential in recommending me for my First Dan, Black Belt test this past February (2009). The four hour test pushed me to show succinct knowledge of all the curriculum taught to me over the course of my studies. His careful teaching, correction, and refinement was instrumental in my successful completion and resulting elevation to First Dan, Kumdo Black Belt. We have worked together on Boards for underprivileged children seeking martial arts training, and his professionalism is to be admired. It is easy to write a recommendation for such a person, they have what it takes to do things in today’s world.”

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that Taekwondo has had a profound impact on the person I am today. Through Master Chris’ brilliant instruction and the friendly class atmosphere, I have gained so much confidence that people wouldn’t recognize me if they met my previous self from before I started out on this martial arts journey. The discipline and encouragement I’ve received have taught me how to succeed to the best of my abilities in all that I do. The world of Taekwondo has opened up the most exciting opportunities and adventures that I never thought possible. What a great group of people, and what a great martial art. Thank you Master Chris!!”

“My daughter took Taekwondo instruction from Master Chris and gained confidence as well as physical ability. He has a great teaching style that both motivates and brings out the best in each student. I highly recommend him and the classes he offers.”